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For consumers concerned about getting the highest fibre food with the lowest calories, GG Crispbread is the brand leader. Made with 85% unprocessed wheat bran, it's the highest in dietary fibre at 42%. Yet it's the lowest in calories, with only 31 per slice. For the richest source of dietary fibre available and the lowest in calories, the choice is GG Crispbread!

GG crispbread is the highest in dietary fibre, lowest in carbohydrates and lowest in calories of any crispbread.

  • Endorsed and used by Slimming World
  • 85% Bran which fills you up, making you less hungry
  • A great source of Fibre per slice
  • Suitable for a Low Carb Diet
  • Low in Salt
  • Low in fat

  • Why do you need GG Crispbread?
    o Help with weight loss
    o Preventing constipation
    o Favourable for people with Diabetes
    o Food fibre can help reduce Cholesterol levels


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